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Our Values

Into the domain of straightforward designs for your home, Decopur maintains a balance in:

- Subtlety- Timeless and tasteful Belgian design; the chosen colours stand for the philosophy focused on durability and the use of our natural Linen materials.

-Comfort- Eco-natural and innovating Linen; the stimulation for our comfort that provides us sensitive and essential notes for a more optimistic vision of the world around us.

-Emotion- New experiences for your home textiles; in search of essential elements of well-being and reflecting on our emotions. We experience intensively the colours of life, objects and architecture.

-Creativity- Updating old virtues; from season to season we create a new line, another image carefully chosen. Our primary goal is to promote creativeness of young Belgian and European designers.

-Quality- High quality measured by very strict criteria; the ingredients of linen are purity in quality and finishing, carefully chosen engagements for a constant quality and consequently surveying of production.

-Colours- A taste for the unexpected; moves back into the limelight and more than ever "colouring a collection goes hand-in-hand with the developments in nowadays-available luxury/natural fibres, which in return imposes a highly controlled approach to colours.

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