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The driving force behind the motto of the company is Martine Kaesen.

With sensitivity sharply keyed to changes in taste and a rich and stimulating professional career, in 1994, she began designing and manufacturing table- and bed linen, and accessories with the aim of narrating herself through shapes, materials and colour choices.

Her passion is precisely this: to transmit intuitions confirmed through careful and determined research, to instil life into products consistent with her experience. Thus a style was born, several times awarded at the european fair, which combines modernity and gentleness, precision and harmony. The real character of these linens lies in the top quality of the natural linen materials and the use of centuries-old craft working techniques, enhanced by state-of-the-art technologies; it lies in the style, the taste, the fantasy and creativity it kindles.

With the precious and indispensable support of this heritage and with a solid cultural and artistic background, taking on the role of conductor becomes natural. In an imaginary concert, she co-ordinates, filters and blends together the experiences of the many people who work with her to achieve a harmonic balance of elegance, simple shapes and functional pragmatism.

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