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Contact address: Decopur bvba, Coupure 29, be-8000 Brugge, Belgium

Phone: +32 50 606 823 (from 9-5 central European time)

Company Registration & VAT: BE 0423.741.926

You can visit our showroom in the city of Bruges in Belgium. Visits to the Decopur showroom are by appointment only. We are located in the beautiful centre of the historic old part of town, well known as the Venice of the North!
Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It was a justified motive that prompted Unesco in 2000 to include

The wealth of museums is a striking image of the city's stirring history. Bruges is also home to contemporary culture, such as the modern concert hall, one of the most prominent music complexes in Flanders.

We like to thank you for the interest you show in our Decopur collections. What distinguishes us from other products when it comes to standards, values and meaning. We provide our customers with a range of fabrics by the meter, finished products, superior hotel linen and private label products.

We work with interior architects, retail, distributors and agents. Please complete the form below with all your details and your requests. Thank you for your time, we will work on your demand and will revert to you shortly.

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