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  • Design by Lily Latifi for Decopur.

    In all her creations, she combines Eastern and Western, modern and traditional, industrial and Hand Made, masculine and feminine, natural and synthetic elements.
    Since 1999, she has been developing new tactile materials for soft furnishing.
    Her inspiration for developing products comes from the visual and tactile characteristics of the materials she creates.

    Flo is a rich and tasteful relief collection with Eastern influences.
    Runner and table mat are printed as "tromp l’œil" ( fake view ) with a slight relief.
    It really gives the sensation of a fabric when touched, yet it is printed on a Linen fabric.

     Exclusively designed for Decopur, inspired by the creamy texture of Flemish goat cheese.

photo article size color quantity price incl total
Placemat Flo Placemat Flo Increase number of articles Reduce number of articles 25,00 25,00
Table Runner Flo Table Runner Flo Increase number of articles Reduce number of articles 53,00 0
* this size/color does not exist for the chosen color/size.

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